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Expressive High IQ Society

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Welcome!  This is a society dedicated to the free expression of deep thoughts and questions and new ideas.  As long as you have an IQ score of 133 SD= 16 or 131 SD= 15 or another score that lands exactly at the 98th percentile and you feel and/or think you have a deep thought or question or a new idea to express whether it is what people consider practical or not you may join.  The only thing that is discouraged is the suppression of another persons expression of thought or new idea by the means of trying to make all matters concrete.  Concrete ideas however are not discouraged.  The only discouragement is of the suppression of ones expression of an idea or thought and the suppression of its discussion.  Discussion, however is not necessarily moderated.  You may discuss anything you wish.  The only rule remaining is that the scoring of the test that you take is not automated to be sure as possible of no cheating.  The test taken may be online and at this point, there are no limitations on the hand scored online or supervised tests that may be used for qualification as long as the score is at or above exactly the 98th percentile.  Most 98th percentile societies actually use the 97.7 percentile, but this society requires the true 98th.  The contact information is below this text.  Once you have qualified, you may join the yahoo group of this society or any forum that might be added.  To apply, you must fill out the online application which can be found at the navigation bar.
One test that may be used for admission is the ISI-S Associations Test which contains 40 questions. A score of 133 SD= 16 which is the exact score required for admission. This test can be found at the link below.

ISI-S Associations Test (Click text)