Society for Intellectually Gifted Individuals with Disabilities

Member List
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Nate Durham (Founder)

Greg A. Grove

Shaughna Murphy

Annie Durham
Stanislav Hatala
John Russell Sweeney
Millicent Y. Curtis
Maria Claudia Faverio
John Daniel Harrison
Robert Moore
Bruno Sampaio Alessi

Brian R. Johnson

Mary Britton

Masaaki Yamauchi

Jeffrey A. Mansfield

Peter Tyliszczak

Angela Johnson

Chris Mejo

Robert Dawson
Colin Aye
Bryan Sholtis
Cleo Love
Anders G. Hellström
Tracey Ward
Robbi Mounce
David Coldwell
Thomas Ossel
Issa Atoum
Clayton Michal Soucie
                                                                                                                        Katherine Linebaugh  Elizabeth    
Michael Rogers
Shaun Sullivan
Thomas J. Hally

Elizabeth Anne Scott

Paul Nachbar